Monday, November 30, 2009

Belk Holiday Spot number 2

The fairy dust is back in this spot 2 of 3 for Belk Holiday campaign. Shot on location with a fantastic cast and crew, in a house that was made for the holidays. Our hero, Mia was a trooper over this somewhat exhausting 2 day shoot, that can't be said of a few members of the Concentrated team.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Exhale, the holidays are here

Belk Holiday 2009, spot 1 of 3

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holiday x 3

We've brought 2 of the 3 holiday spots we won for North Carolina based retailer Belk to Chicago for production and post-production. The first spot was shot on set at Resolution studios (fantastic job by everyone involved). We were on location for the second one, in a beautiful house, in a neighborhood that had no sidewalks. The house was transformed into a paradise for the Christmas inclined and then, just like the holidays, it all went away. The third spot was shot on location at a Belk flagship store in Atlanta, Georgia. The post work for spot #3 was brought back to the home front to keep this city going. The triptych of holiday magic will be showing in markets across the southern part of this great country, look for them and enjoy the ethereal worlds of imagination that only advertising can create.

More about Concentrated, part of our corporate mantra is that the people in our crew have to resemble us, but us 10 years ago, as illustrated here by one Jon Singer and one Jon-Singer-like production assistant. This makes us look better during the frequent napping that occurs during shoots as well as the blame game when "one of us" eats all the gluten free pita chips. Guess who is who and you will have an exotic stranger email you with a monetary offer that will change your life forever.