Monday, May 10, 2010

Philatelic Beef Sandwich

The point of using a blog is to have a platform to constantly keep others current on what is happening. We feel like blogging is like laundry, it's far more gratifying doing 8 loads in one day than it is keeping on top of it. So, in the 6 weeks or so since our last entry, it's not that we've been wearing the same things, we've just been buying new and now it's time to wash. So, the first load is we've moved into our new space, it really makes our old space look and smell like a waiting room shared by both a Ponderosa and an immediate care center. One receipt at a time, we're getting organized and we'll soon be presentable enough to have over people who actually have something better to do. Besides having more room for our future strongman and D&D tourney's, we are shooting around like it's our jobs. Freaks and Errors has received a nice surprise as one of it's stars, the Swedish Treskilling Yellow stamp, in hiding for almost 15 years, has decided to come up for air and flex it's philatelic muscle in an upcoming auction in Switzerland on May 22. If it sells, it will most likely remain the most valuable thing (by weight & volume) in the world, if it doesn't sell, you can bet you'll never know. Our crack team of filmers are trying to weasel their way out to Geneva to capture some the bare-knuckle stamp action, stay tuned for something or nothing depending how creative we can get.

Candy is next on our plate, we are in talks with author Beth Kimmerle (Candy: The Sweet History) to produce a show that explores the current, past and future state of confections in cities across the United States (and the across the globe). Beth, a chocolate and candy historian, lectures and consults around the world on the sweet trade. We met her a few months ago and our ability to talk with our mouths full must have convinced her that we were the right company for the job. The pilot is being shot early summer and we will be shopping it around between dental visits.

Our collaboration with artist Tony Tasset continues, we are in production of the Cardinal banner installation that is slated for a July 4th unveiling. The banners, that will run along State Street in Chicago, between Van Buren and Wacker, will give the illusion of a bird in flight, without the mess. Tony's work is always a showstopper, we think this will be a nice injection of fake nature in the Loop.

This week, back to Iowa for another round of chicken breast implants and oxy acetylene meat dancing, wrapping up the filming on our first episode of Garage Gourmet with the Freylack brother's. If it's anything like the last one, this really could be the last blog entry.