Monday, December 14, 2009

Freaks & Errors, a film about stamp collectors

For those people who wake up every day wishing there was an action-packed philatelic documentary out there, the wait is almost over. We are currently in production of Freaks and Errors: A Rare Collection, a documentary that reveals a fascinating look at the decidedly addictive hobby of stamp collecting. We are presenting an intimate overview of some of the rarest stamps in the world along with the people who own them, as well as the collectors that who enjoy the hobby at a much more grass roots level. In the film, the stamps themselves take on lives of their own, rivaling those who collect and revere them as we search the many levels of philatelic world, from multi-million dollar collections to those who accumulate thousands of pieces in hopes of finding the one “gem” that will change their collecting lives. A look at this hobby exposes a deep bond that brings people together from foreign places, cultures, histories and economic backgrounds all for the love of these humble receipts for service.

The nucleus of the film revolves around 6 of the rarest stamps currently residing in collectors hands, following their paths to philatelic immortality. Along the way, we are uncovering the myths and facts of the not only the stamps, but their current and previous owners, as well as the opinions of their faithful, but non-collecting family and friends. The film will consist of interviews from collectors, dealers, auctioneers and other members of the philatelic world as well as archival footage that will reveal the more fascinating moments of philately (past and present). Our goal is to give the viewer an experience of the stamp world and insight to the hypothesized collector "gene." We will be updating the blog with our work in progress and plan on wrapping the film up for 2011 release.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Belk "Santa's Secret" Holiday Finale

For the final spot in our Belk trio of holiday commercials, we took an impressionistic approach to the widely accepted Santa Clause theme (and look). This was shot on location at Belk store in Buckhead (Atlanta) Georgia. The cast, crew, client and store employees all showed some serious resilience during 2 nights (meaning all night) of shooting. We'd like to thank all the talented people that worked on these 3 spots.