Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's Happening, Now?

There is nothing like the smell of a new office, except for the smell of an even newer office. After a brief 5 month stint, we are moving off Green Street and moving to a newer, kick-asser space over by Ukrainian Village (Fulton/Damen). The new space will allow us to still talk over each other but now, we will be able to cook a full meal at the same time. Our landing date is May 1st, we will post some pix of our 4 pieces of furniture in a space 3 times the size. Some other benefits: space to do model casting complete with changing area, small area for photo/video shoots or break-offs (anyone needs a little space for either of these, let us know), cell phone service that works, new editing bay, larger more plush drinking area and more direct sunlight will allow office sun glass wearing that will look less contrived. We are also lucky to have the venerable and gracious photographer Fred Stein as a landlord, as well as the equally kind and talented photographer, Art Carrillo as a neighbor.

We just got back from Miami, where we were shooting like it was our jobs. First off was the continuation of our DVD box set for Life Fitness, showcasing the finest in American muscle development, then back-to-back commercials for Belk. The first was Mother's Day, shot in a Spanish Monastery that seemed to be a little lost in South Florida, next was some boat-on-boat action shooting on the high seas of Key Biscayne. All of the back room deals caught on tape by DP Scott Goodman and sound man Chris Nickless who tirelessly followed the production for 4 days, countless hours, all the while dodging non-verbal threats from Gary Katz as he was wielding the 35mm Arricam for the big shots. Keep tuned for all of this white-knuckle action to be posted on our various socials. In house we are editing the bust-a-nut funny sequel to Almost Pimps, along with making plans to head to Northern California to search out an artist named Harley Harley, who started his own country 25 years ago by issuing stamps, Freaks and Errors continues, this should be something.